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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

Common Myths About Female Chiropractors

Regina Barnett

Chiropractors undergo the same training and should offer services to patients of any gender. Therefore, patients should not let the gender of a qualified and licensed chiropractor deny them quality treatment. However, patients should choose a chiropractor they are comfortable with, which is where preference comes in. However, some patients are sceptical about female chiropractors, especially if they are used to working with a male chiropractor. The scepticism is caused by myths and misconceptions regarding female chiropractors. This article debunks some of the common myths surrounding female chiropractors.

They Lack Strength 

Indeed, a chiropractor is supposed to have a certain level of strength to perform some techniques. However, it does not mean female chiropractors cannot handle the same techniques as their male counterparts. Notably, the most crucial thing in chiropractic treatment is the skill of maneuver, not the amount of force applied. The only way to master the skills is to understand how the body's musculoskeletal system works. Most importantly, it helps identify problem areas, allowing for gentle adjustments to correct ailments. Besides, qualified female chiropractors maintain a fit lifestyle, which is key to successful treatment.

Only Treat Women 

When you hear the title 'female chiropractor,' you may think that they exclusively treat women. However, the truth is that all chiropractors are trained to treat everyone. It means that a female chiropractor can treat male patients the same way a male chiropractor can attend to female patients. Additionally, all chiropractors are trained to provide quality care to particular patients. For instance, a male chiropractor can treat a pregnant patient successfully. On the other hand, a female chiropractor can treat a senior male patient. Therefore, just because some female patients -- pregnant or geriatric women -- prefer a female chiropractor, does not mean it is exclusive.

They Are More Gentle 

Most patients vow not to see a male chiropractor after watching videos where joints pop as a practitioner pulls, twists and stretches the body in awkward positions. Some patients think that the popping sounds are the result of male chiropractors using a lot of force. However, it is not the case because the popping sound is produced by air being released from joints. It has nothing to do with excessive force, and treatment by a female chiropractor generates similar sounds. Notably, professional training enables chiropractors to know when to be gentle or exert acceptable force.

If you want to work with a female doctor at a chiropractic clinic, contact a medical professional at a local clinic to set up an appointment.