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Hi there! Welcome to my blog. My name is Debbie and I am a housewife from Alice Springs, Australia. I love the life I have here with my wonderful husband and our four kids. It all started about a year ago when I realised that I couldn't read the label on a jar of food I was trying to open. I asked my husband if there was a problem with the way the label had been printed but he said he could read it just fine. He booked me an appointment at Vision2000Kota and they carried out some test to rule out any serious problems. Thankfully, I just needed to start wearing glasses. I hope you enjoy my health and medical blog.

Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

Why You Should Keep Updating Your Hearing Aids Every Few Years

Regina Barnett

Hearing aids are a fantastic invention that have helped millions of people across the world maintain a much better quality of life than they would have otherwise had. Before hearing aids there was very little in the way of medical treatment for the deaf and hard of hearing, and yet now almost everyone who suffers from these conditions can get some measure of this sense back. However, that does not mean hearing aids are meant to last forever. They need to be constantly checked and updated when they become too obsolete. Here are three reasons why your hearing aids will need to be replaced in the future. 

Sound Quality

Hearing aids contain a lot of tiny components that are used to simulate hearing and bypass the part of your own ear that is affected by trauma or injury. The simple fact of the matter is that over time these components become far more accessible and easy to make, which in turn leads to more innovation and even better/more efficient hearing aids. If you haven't tried out any new hearing aids in the last five or so years, then you might be shocked at how much the quality has changed for the better.


As technology advances across the board, so does connectivity between devices. While ten years ago Bluetooth was not so widespread, now virtually every device supports it, including your hearing aids. This makes listening to music, watching TV or even talking on the phone a lot better for people who use hearing aids. Indeed, this has only sped up over the last few years to the point where if you haven't got hearing aids with that connectivity feature, you are missing out on some of the most basic functions that people take for granted!

Aging Parts

Hearing aids are often used all day by the people who need them, and this puts quite a strain on the actual device, as you can imagine. After a few years of this constant wear, most hearing aids will begin to show some signs of malfunction, either in sound quality or longevity. If you are getting more shrill beeps or if the sound quality is cutting in and out more regularly, then you know that you are getting close to the end of those hearing aids' lifetime. Don't put yourself through an uncomfortable listening experience when the solution is so simple: talk to your audiologist or GP and get new hearing aids today!