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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

How To Deal With Medical Appointments When You're Nervous

Regina Barnett

Many people avoid appointments at medical centres, due to a fear of doctors, previous negative experiences or fear of being diagnosed with a serious illness. However, sometimes you really do need to see a doctor – and this short guide will explain three methods you can use to deal with medical appointments, despite your fear and anxiety.

Tackle Your Negative Thoughts

Perhaps you avoid the medical centre due to bad experiences, or maybe you're scared to hear bad news. Spend some time trying to get to the root of your fear and thinking about why you're so scared. Think about the fact that all the doctor can do is diagnose an illness you already have and that if you are ill, it's better to know about it. As the NHS explains, you should consider the evidence, and try to think about what really might happen. They also suggest thinking about what you'd say to a friend in the same situation. No matter what the root of your fear is, it may help to spend a little time working through your challenging thoughts.

Choose A Doctor You Trust

Having a doctor you trust, and who sets you at ease, goes a long way towards a good medical appointment at a medical centre. Even if you're confined to one medical centre, they often have multiple doctors. If you've seen a doctor before and didn't feel listened to, don't be afraid to choose a new one. You should choose someone who suits your personal needs – if you'd prefer a female doctor, make that a requirement of your choice, and if you want a doctor who understands your language or culture, find a medical centre that offers the multicultural health care you need. WebMD suggests that if you aren't sure about a doctor, you should schedule an appointment with them just to talk, and then you can evaluate for yourself how friendly, respectful and professional they are.

Be Honest With Friends & Family

Some people find it embarrassing to explain their fear of medical appointments, but if you are honest with your friends and family, they will be able to support you and don't want you to feel alone. Choose a trusted friend or family member to attend your appointment with you, to give you courage and keep you distracted while you're waiting. Healthcare Information Guide also points out that your friend or family member will be able to remind you of any questions you meant to ask or remind you of exactly what the doctor said – it's easy to forget details when you're nervous. They can also do something nice with you afterward to reward you for confronting your fear, such as going out for coffee or going shopping.

Being afraid of medical appointments can be awkward and upsetting, but by following the tips above, you can experience the best medical care possible with the support of your friends, family and doctor.