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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

How Can You Make Sure That You Stick With Your Rehab Schedule?

Regina Barnett

If you recently sustained a significant injury, you may have a challenging path ahead. Your injuries may have been reset and you may have been discharged from the care of the surgeon, but now you need to work with a professional at a physiotherapy clinic so that you can get back to where you were before this happened. Much of your remedial work will, however, take place at home and outside of the immediate supervision of the physio. If you're going to be successful, you have to pay attention to your process and mindset. How can you approach this most effectively?

Battle With Human Nature

Rehab can be tough. While some people are dedicated and will always do the work necessary, many people struggle to find motivation. Even though they may understand that it is important for their long-term well-being, human nature can often take over.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

It may help if you associate your rehab with a 'prize' of some kind, in the distant future. This could be an activity holiday that'll require you to be in peak physical form if you are going to enjoy it. This will give you motivation and will trigger your mental state so that you do what it takes to get there.

Form a Habit

You will have been prescribed a variety of different exercises by your physio, which need to be done on a daily basis. It is best if you set your calendar so that you undertake this work at the same time each day. In this way, it will become ingrained as a habit and, if need be, set a reminder in your smart phone so that you don't forget.

Many people find that their mornings are most productive and there is less distraction. Maybe you should do your exercises as soon as you wake up in the morning, so that you get them out of the way.

Manage Your Time

If you seem to find it hard to allocate the few minutes necessary, your time management may be at fault. In reality, it's unlikely that your physiotherapy exercises will take more than 10 minutes or so, and you must be ruthless with other, non-productive time instead. How often do you sit in front of the TV each day? Take a chunk out of this time, even if it means that you have to skip through the adverts to finish your soap opera more quickly!

Stay Positive

You may be annoyed that you suffered this injury in the first place and now have to do all this work to recover. This is a negative approach, however, and you should count your blessings instead.

Get Direction

If you are still struggling to keep up with your rehab schedule, have an in-depth chat with your physiotherapist. They are sure to help you find a way.