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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

Why Is It So Important to Get Tested for STIs?

Regina Barnett

Any person, regardless of their sexual preference and orientation, puts their health at risk when they engage in any form of unprotected sex. Sexual health clinics test and can treat various sexually transmitted infections, commonly known as STIs. These clinics can also give advice on sex-related matters. Unfortunately, many people in Australia and most parts of the world are actively involved in sexual activities, yet very few are willing to get tested for a sex-related infection or disease.

If you are a sexually active individual and you have engaged in sex without using any protection, you should make your way to a local sexual health clinic and get tested for STIs. Here's why.

You deserve peace of mind

Not knowing for sure whether or not you caught an STI when you had unprotected sex can be a nerve-racking experience. It is one of those things that you will be unable to get out of your mind unless you find out for sure. A number of STIs do not show any symptoms, so you may think you are perfectly fine when in fact you are not. Instead of guessing whether or not you have caught an STI, it is best to get tested for the sake of your peace of mind. 

You can get effective treatment

While STIs are easy to catch, the good news is that most of them can effectively be treated and cured. There are lots of medication, such as antibiotics, that can be administered to effectively cure the infections, so you do not need to panic if you are found to be infected. The medical professionals at the health facility will always be able to offer a good solution to your problem.

Protect others

When most people are thinking about getting tested for STIs, it is their own health that they are often worried about. What they are usually oblivious to is that by getting tested, they can also protect their sex partners from catching an infection. If you are found to be infected, you will be advised to refrain from unprotected sex while you are undergoing treatment so that you do not transmit the infection to others or suffer worse health problems in the future. But being infected could also mean that your sex partner or partners too may be infected. The doctors in sexual health clinics usually encourage infected patients to disclose their condition to their sex partners so that they can also get tested.