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Beat Disease and Keep Fighting Fit

Misconceptions of Granny Flats as an In Home Health Care Option

Regina Barnett

There are some misconceptions in the in-home health care regarding granny flats. Some of these misconceptions deal with how much care the family member will need and exactly what the granny flat could offer them overall. Before you buy or build a granny flat, you should consider the misconceptions and the truth behind them in order to understand the full benefits for your particular situation. Here are a few of those misconceptions.

Security Systems are Connected to Emergency Systems

One of the misconceptions is that granny flats automatically come with a security and emergency response set-up or system. This is not the case. The granny flat itself generally does not have a security system at all. You will need to contact a local security company to set up a security camera system and connect that system to an emergency response alert system. This will allow you or your family member to contact an emergency response team to come to their aide in the case of a fall, injury, or break-in. You should also keep in mind that security systems do not automatically connected to an emergency response center. This means you will need to request a system that meets your emergency response and security needs.

Granny Flats are Built On-Site 

Though there are some companies that do build granny flats to order and on-site, you can find others that offer pre-manufactured models that are delivered and set-up. In regards to in-home health care, the type of granny flat you buy may or may not be covered under home health care insurance. In some cases, only certain types may be covered while other pre-fabricated models are covered as long as they meet home health requirements. To ensure you are getting a granny flat that is covered under insurance, schedule a consultation with your medical insurance provider or counselor.

In-Home Nurses can Live in the Flat

Another misconception of the granny flats is that if you have an in-home health care nurse or live-in caregiver, they can live in the flat with your family member. This may not be the case if you go with a traditional granny flat. Most traditional flats only have one bedroom. This means that the in-home health caregiver may not be able to legally stay in the flat and can only provide healthcare on a rotating shift with another caregiver or through a home health care service.

These are only a few of the misconpcetions of using granny flats as part of your in-home health care or home health care plan option. If you feel that a granny flat is the right option for your family members home health needs, contact a local manufacturer for more information on options that will suite your specific needs.